Grief Counseling


Grief Counseling. Grief counseling is also called bereavement counseling. The term “bereavement” usually is used only when referring to the loss of a person through death.

Duration : 35 MIN


A grief counselor helps you deal with tough emotions as you go through the stages of grief. Shantel supports you during mourning and guides you into recovery. Death and loss are difficult, but the grieving process is natural. She has been with countless people and their families before, during and after their transition from this life. As the author of the book, Live Like You’re Dying, clients say she embodies the Circle of Life. She’s known to add ‘splash to their dash’ – not only walking beside others while they take their last steps on earth, but teaching people how to really live while alive.

If you have any questions, please reach out with a call to me personally at (801) 502-5558.


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