The solution to any problem is only an idea away.

Shantel McBride

Chaplain | Life Coach | Wedding Officiant

Shantel McBride

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How May I Help You?

The Cheerful Chaplain at Your Service!

Life Coach

A coach is someone who carries a valued person from where they are to where they want to be. With years of training and practice with proven methods, we will tackle your personal and/or professional goals together.

Genius Bootcamp

If you’ve ever experienced a life-changing epiphany, then you know how powerful one simple idea can be. One idea – the right idea – the right thought at the right moment, can permanently transform a life.

Wedding Officiant

Wedding officiants have the most important job — to marry you! No matter your vision for the ceremony, Shantel will ensure that your vows are in alignment. Make sure your special day is officiated beautifully.

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